Allergie Season 2013 Worst in Years

An Associated Press article on April 10 reports that allergies this Spring are worse than they’ve been in many years. This is being attributed, especially in the Southeast, to the unseasonably cold weather this winter, in addition to an especially wet winter in other parts of the country. The cold delayed the gradual blooming of the trees, so that now there’s a massive release of pollen all at once. In addition to the increased pollen in the air, the allergy season is expected to last longer than it normally does. April is typically the heaviest month for tree pollen allergy, but this year it appears that May might also be just as miserable for hay fever sufferers.

Allergie Season 2013, Worst in Years

Although I live in Colorado, far from the southeastern states, I was shocked this past weekend when I experienced several allergy attacks – sneezing, itching, dripping, and congestion. This is the first time I can remember ever having allergy symptoms in April. In fact, for most of my adult life I’ve been relatively free of any allergies. As a young boy, I had severe ragweed allergy in late Aug/Sept; and in recent years, brief episodes of grass pollen allergy, usually in mid-June. But since I developed the Sinus Survival Allergy Treatment Program, the symptoms have been either minimal or have been totally prevented. Unfortunately when my allergy symptoms began this weekend, I was far from home and unprepared. Now that I’ve returned, I’ve started using the entire Sinus Survival Allergy Support Kit, in addition to Sinusin Spray (a homeopathic nasal spray) and have had no nasal allergy symptoms. If you or anyone else in your family has hay fever or pollen allergy, or even a history of having had it, I’d suggest you be well prepared for this Spring and Summer. It’s beginning to look like we’re in for a severe sneezin’ season.

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