52 Side Effects of Nasal Pharmaceuticals…


…and a better solution for your nose.

By Dan Gay, President, Sinus Survival

I was recently asked where someone could find a custom compounded nasal pharmaceutical for a sinus infection including Itraconazole, Mupirocin, and Triamcinolone.

My first response was to ask a few questions, which pointed the person in a new direction. One without the many short-term and long-term side effects and one with true natural sinus relief.

So, What Are These Names I Can’t Pronounce?

All three are Pharmaceuticals:

  • Itraconazole is used as an anti-fungal to interfere with fungal cell membrane formation.
  • Mupiocin is a nasal antibiotic.
  • Triamcinolone is a corticosteroid for nasal allergies to block the histamine response.

Dr. Ivker, author of Sinus Survival, and my partner in good sinus health, will always say that the quick fix is not always the best solution, nor is it usually a quick fix or the right solution. In this case, it is especially true.

Question #1: Are you aware of the common side effects of each of these pharmaceuticals and that for the majority of people there’s a better option without side effects?

Question #2: Were you aware that the Itraconazole has over 52 listed side effects? 13 of which are quite common. Everything from convulsions, fever, nausea, vomiting, trouble breathing, and muscle cramps. More severe side effects include chest pain, vomiting blood, trouble breathing, yellow skin and eyes, and more. (see the whole list here: https://www.drugs.com/sfx/itraconazole-side-effects.html)

Fungal sinusitis or a candida overgrowth began in the G.I. tract and then expanded throughout the body; a full candida regiment is needed to manage this overgrowth. A nasal product won’t eliminate the problem.

Question #3: Did you know that Mupiocin is an antibiotic used to treat a Staphylococcus aureus bacterial “staff” infection. This antibiotic also carries a list of side effects, the most common is diarrhea, which can happen up to 2 months after taking it. (see side effects: https://www.drugs.com/cons/mupirocin-nasal.html ).

Many recent studies show that antibiotics play a role in creating chronic sinusitis by killing off healthy bacteria in the body. Studies also show that many people have become immune to antibiotics and they become less effective at addressing severe issues when you really need them.

So, What Should I Do?

Stop what you’re used to doing, it’s making you sick. Many of us are practicing what Albert Einstein said, “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” Sinus Sufferers are actively searching for the strongest pharmaceutical believing that this will finally provide them results. The issue is the common belief that “a different antibiotic” is the solution. The reality is A DIFFERENT APPROACH IS THE SOLUTION.

The Sinus Survival program has been informing and educating individuals on both the short-term and long-term benefits of following a different path than taking pharmaceuticals for sinus infections. Dr. Ivker has found, in thousands of his chronic sinus patients, that their common past was a predictor of their chronic sinusitis future. Those patients who followed the most common medical approach became victims of the Sinus Sufferers Cycle. In this cycle, they go from doctor to doctor, antibiotic to antibiotic, and join the 40 million in misery with chronic sinusitis.

The Change to Change Your Life (And Your Sinuses)

The real change is in discovering a natural solution, which your body is craving, not more synthetic drugs to kill off the invading bacteria, the resident fungal infection, or new virus.

For this person who has a current infection and the classic symptoms of a candida overgrowth, it’s changing her current process, creating some new habits and practicing a newfound level of health. A few quick changes:

– Take the Fungal Sinusitis Quiz – If you’re a chronic sinus sufferer or you have the classic candida symptoms: continued fatigue, living in a fog, aching joints or muscles, headaches, sinus pain and pressure, post-nasal drip, and trouble sleeping at night. Click Here >>

A fungal infection can’t be solved with a nasal spray. Dr. Ivker’s 7 ½ year medical study found that those who followed a specific process eliminated their fungal overgrowth even after 7 ½ years.

– Stop Taking Antibiotics for Sinus Infections – They’ve been proven ineffective for the majority of sinus infections. In one study, a placebo was more effective. They have long lasting side effects including creating fungal sinusitis, killing off important probiotics in the G.I., and building an immunity to them when you really need them for a serious condition.

The Solution: Allimed or AlliUltra. This is nature’s natural antibiotic which Dr. Ivker has been using with his sinus patients successfully for over 8 years.

– Practice Good Nasal Hygiene – Natural Saline rinses with Netipot or even better Sinupulse Elite®

Have Questions? Email a sinus coach: ellen@myvillagegreen.com

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