Allergy Treatment

Follow Dr. Ivker’s 3 Simple Allergy Steps:

1. Create Healthy Indoor Air.
2. Build Allergy Immunity.
3. Take Quick Action to Address Symptoms.


The result: RARELY if EVER get allergies or allergic rhinitis again. At a minimum, allergies are less severe and more manageable. Whether you have seasonal allergies or seem to have them throughout the year, these solutions have been proven effective. This includes Dr. Ivker’s recommendations in the Allergy-Free PDF, to include the allergy bundle, the Air Vitalizer, practicing good nasal hygiene and limiting certain foods.

3 – How to Stop Nasal Allergies: The last step is to have a proven, fast-acting natural product available if you get allergy symptoms. One that is the strongest and most effective allergy relief available. Studies show that it works within 10-20 minutes.

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Your Allergy Treatment is Simple!

Many are able to eliminate their allergy shots, nasal steroids and allergy medicines. And the best part – it’s an all-natural allergy relief without the side effects which can come with medications. Get Dr. Ivker’s Allergy Free eBook – Free to Silver Members

In addition to this all natural sinus allergy remedy, we’ve provided Dr. Ivker’s latest findings on the full steps you can take to prevent allergies, wake-up refreshed and feel great again. Simple solutions that you can implement immediately. Become a Silver Member and download his latest ebook now. It’s the only natural sinus allergy remedy and solution!

What am I Allergic to?

The benefit of building your immunity to seasonal allergies – you can avoid the histamine response that your body usually sees to a threatening allergen. There is no need for your body to produce tears, sneezing, itchy eyes and the runny nose that would be the standard response. Instead you can roll in the grass, garden, go for a bike-ride and feel great.

Get Allergy Season Started

The Allergy Trifecta Bundle:

*OPC Grape Seed Extract:

Dr. Masquier’s French OPC process insures the highest OPC levels for the most effective anti-oxidant and allergy immune building properties. By taking a few weeks before and during the allergy season, many find that they have minimal to no allergy responses. Dr. Ivker also recommends OPC Grape Gold.

*Pathway Allergy Support Plus:

A combination of herbs in the right combination to build allergy immunityand to provide respiratory and symptom relief. Dr. Ivker also recommends Sinus Survival Allercide.


A blend of chinese mushrooms and herbs to quickly address allergy symptoms. Studies show that it stops the histamine response within 10 to 20 minutes. It is the fastest acting symptom relief on the market (and it is all natural! There are no sleepy side effects like current allergy medications).

*See Dr. Ivker’s PDF for his recommended usage and dosage information. PDF available Silver and Gold Members. The free Silver membership is as easy as adding your name and email to receive the information above.

The Full Allergy Teatment Program Details

Dr. Ivker addresses numerous components which benefit the allergy and sinus sufferer in his “Allergy-Free” document, available to Silver and Gold Members. The quick allergy product recommendations are:

The Air Vitalizer Negative Ion Clean Air Unit – Eliminates indoor floating pollens to .01 microns. AirVitalizer

Small, quiet and only a few pennies a day to operate. Provide years of healthful benefits.

The EPA estimates that indoor air can be 100x more polluted than outdoor air. Because the majority of us spend 80% of our time indoors, the Air Vitalizer is the answer to clean, healthy air.

The Air Vitalizer removes floating particles from the air by emitting trillions of negative ions per second. These negative ions attract positively charged ions like dust, dander, pollen etc. to form a new heavier molecule which drops to the floor. The resulting air is charged with healthy negative ions, much like nature creates next to the waves on the beach, a waterfall or a pine forest.

The Allergy Trifecta Bundle This covers the key product components in #2 and #3 above.
The Sinupulse Elite Irrigation System Remove allergens from the sinuses to soothe nasal passages.
The Sinus Survival Herbal Nasal Spray The herbal formula provides relief to swollen nasal passages.