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Self-Education – Changing Sinus Sufferers Lives

Our Plight as Sinus Suffers

          • We routinely have Sinus pressure, drainage and congestion – with little relief.
          • We’re frustrated & tired of our sinus suffering.
          • Our vocabulary includes Sinusitis, Sinus Infection & Allergic Rhinitis.
          • Our unfortunate habits include: throat clearing, coughing, hacking, & sneezing.

There’s a simple, on-line solution to our rescue!

“Life Changing” is the most common testimonial. And anyone can follow and implement this on-line program from home. Created in collaboration with the world’s leading authority on sinus health & best-selling author, Dr. Rob Ivker. It’s a program which you can collaborate with your physician. Because you have been referred by your physician, you will automatically receive $30 off the normal Gold Member price (use Ivkergold code at check-out).

Learn key solutions to free your aching sinuses!

  1. Over an hour of  Tutorials to educate on what’s causing your underlying condition which causes reoccurring symptoms (and how to stop it).Save30
  2. Learn why you’re in the Sinus Sufferer’s Cycle, & why you’ll stay there until taking new action (this one will surprise you!).
  3. Find out the link connecting most, if not ALL, of your symptoms and a proven plan to erase that link.

  Are You Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired? 

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 Step 1: Join the Gold Program- Save $30!
Step 2: Learn from the Sinus Survival Thriving! Tutorial On-line Program
Step 3: Download the Sinus Survival Guide. Follow Each With for Your Own Breakthrough!
Step 4: Gold Members Save Everyday on Sinus Survival Products to Keep Your Sinuses Healthy.

A Proven 7 Year Medical Study. Thousands of Testimonials –  You have Hope!

The Sinus Survival Story: Dr. Rob Ivker had chronic sinusitis over 30 years ago. His ENT prognosis was, “You’ll just have to learn to live with it”, was not only unbelievable, but unacceptable to him.

Driven to find a solution, he CURED his condition. Dr. Ivker then used his approach with his patients, they too had the same results! Dr. Ivker then used his approach with his patients, they too had the same results. The physicians he trained also reported of breakthrough successes.  His  Sinus Survival book became a best-seller with over 1/2 million sold… Read the full Story>>

Sinus Survival Goes On-line: One patient was so impressed with his result, he wanted to help others who were as miserable as he once was. By consulting with Dr. Ivker, he captured the same learning experience of having a personal consultation (and at a fraction of the price).  The on-line solution is packed with everything you’ll need to achieve your own sinus break-through! 

Other’s have paid thousands for the direct consultation and direct education with Dr. Ivker. You’ll receive the same narrated tutorial education with on-line tutorials.

Learn what’s causing your sinus inflammation and how to control it. Find the underlying causes of your symptoms and how to eliminate them. Learn to listen to your body signals and what to do to derail a sinus infection, colds, allergies and other sinus conditions:

 It’s Your Personalized Sinus and Nutritional Coach for Great Health:

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“I tell my patients: You Don’t Have to Live With This!”
Dr. Rob Ivker

What the Sinus Survival Members are Saying:

Catherine’s Story

“I want to thank you for creating your insightful educational program and tutorial. I was introduced to program two years ago. I had infections, lethargy, etc. Since then my infections are gone, my skin cleared up, I no longer have to take antibiotics”.

My running times have improved by 20 minutes on a 50K! I continue to follow the program, never felt better. I recommend to my friends who have had the same results. It is one of the best things and has changed my life…”

Dan’s Story:

“Thank you for facilitating a major change in my life. I had sinus surgery years ago, and I continued to have severe sinus issues with no relief. With every infection and every doctor appointment, I seemed to just get worse. One sinus infection turned into another. I had a list of symptoms that I didn’t know were all related.

Nothing helped – until I went through your program. Miraculously, it has now been almost 4 years since my last sinus infection!  It works! My allergies, which I would categorize as severe, are non-existent. I feel better than I have felt in many years and I feel like tackling almost anything.

“I started your sinus and candida programs and haven’t had as much as a sniffle for most of the year. Thank you!  I found your program when I thought I was at the end of my rope, and now I feel empowered about managing this seemingly uncontrollable aspect of my health”.

Ronelle C., San Francisco, CA

“I have not had a sinus infection in 8 months now, a first for me. I have not even had inflamed sinuses for the past 2 months.  I used to have the problem every week. I do have candida, oral thrush though, but it’s much, much easier to handle than the sinus thing. My energy level is higher than it has ever been and my mind clearer”.

Andrea W., Paris, France

(Over 90% have significant improvement or eliminate their condition altogether!)

100% Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee

There’s no risk! Try the program for yourself for 30 days. If you aren’t happy with it, just send us an email and we’ll promptly refund your entire purchase price, no questions asked.

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This is a 100% money-back guarantee. It’s as simple as that.


There is absolutely no risk to
put Sinus Survival to the test for yourself!

What You Will Receive:

– Instant Access to Your Personalized Gold Member Website

– The Sinus Survival Tutorial Series to Guide Your Journey. Dr. Ivker’s accumulation of 30 years of research and discovery.

– The Sinus Survival Guide Download. A step-by-step plan to identifying the underlying causes to eliminate your symptoms.

– Gold Member Product Discounts on Sinus Survival Products – Save 10% or more. Everyday sale prices!

– Special Gold Price Promotions on Pathway Products, Shipping and Village Green Apothecary Services

– Ask the Expert email Program.

– The Fully Alive Diet Plan. A Non-inflammatory Diet to Reduce the Inflammation in Your Sinuses and Body.

– The Dr. Ivker Supplement Program for Sinus Sufferers.

– My Story. Learn from others who have found what it is like to live without chronic sinus issues.

– My Motivation. Inspirational Videos will be added to your membership monthly.

– Healing the Issues in Your Tissues. Stress Reduction Techniques and practice for a sound mind, body and soul.

– Receive the latest updates, news and information on your overall health and great sinus health.

Value: Over $2,000.

Patients of Dr. Ivker have paid over $2,000 for the same education, consultation and program support. You will benefit from the same program which has helped thousands of patients world-wide to achieve their own breakthrough. We’ve also included Gold Member only discounts on Sinus Survival Products, discounts on phone consultations, Member-only special promotions and more. Your “Ask the Expert” email response is also included in this valuable membership.

Cost: Save $30 -Now $59 for a  lifetime membership

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